Ulster GAA awards – Congratulations Deirdre

Ulster GAA awards – Congratulations Deirdre!

The Ulster GAA presented a Special Recognition Award to Deirdre Fitzgerald for her work within Ulster Camogie last Saturday.

Despite it appearing that Camogie is her full time occupation, Deirdre is employed Full Time as a Classroom Assistant in the Learning Support Centre in St Josephs College, Coalisland.

Deirdre has been involved in Camogie for a lifetime and has held a number of positions both Officially and Unofficially within Club, County and Provincial Camogie and Football Units.

Currently Secretary of Tyrone County Board, Registrar of Doiretreasc GFC and Ulster Camogie Registrar; Deirdre is wealth of knowledge when asked about anything Camogie or Football.

A perfectionist in all that she does, Deirdre will go above and beyond what is expected when she undertakes a given task. Her love and passion for Camogie doesn’t start and finish with her own Club; she has a genuine heartfelt love for all clubs in her County and beyond and to see them succeed gives her as much pride as seeing her own club succeed.

Within Tyrone the development of Underage Camogie is something that has been worked on in recent years and whilst many people can be credited for this drive, Deirdre is one who is consistently

in the background, quietly doing much of the hard work without a want or need for recognition from organising fundraisers to washing multiple kits or umpiring at games.

The youth (and adult players) of Tyrone see Deirdre as their ‘Go To’ person if they need ANYTHING! A trusting, honest, caring and compassionate lady who has the wellbeing of every single child at the forefront without fear of upset to another adult.

Tripping the Country with her camera in toe, capturing the images of a sporting moment for every child is so very important to Deirdre. Her unofficial position as PRO in Tyrone is vital to the County with SM playing such an important role in the development of our sport. Deirdre brings a holistic approach to her work within Camogie and without fail, if she can be of assistance to others, that is what she will be. No task is too big or distance too far; camogie related or not, if you need something done, Deirdre will be the one to do it.